Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been awhile

As usual- I've been a neglectful blogger... but I think I just care to do it for myself at this point which makes me feel far less guilty about being so random. I know when I post... and I know what's going on in my But I do need to write.

Job: I really love what I do. In fact, I am so excited by it. The only problem is that because I work alone, I have limited opportunity to grow and develop my skills. I can do what I already know to do, and that isn't really all that spectacular. Maybe I should just start calling my former professors and internship supervisors. They are always telling me to keep in touch. You know what? I just typed out my solution...See this is why I gotta

Solo living: I already got a noise complaint for loud music. Funny thing is, I'm barely ever home, and when I am here, I'm asleep. I had to call the office cause it was straight BULLSHIT! I play my music when I clean; which is in the middle of the fuckin day... Why oh why is that an issue? And then I was also accused of having lots of guests that take up all the parking. This is, I just moved here. I know like 5 people and truthfully, I go to their homes. I'm a picky about who comes here.

Friends: The only ones I've made down here all want to sleep with me. Not entirely a surprise when all I do is hang out with men, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the sexual attention without having a person who is normal in my life. My one good friend lives about an hour south of me, which isn't too serious; but I'm a driving therapist so I put a great deal of miles on my car on a daily basis. Hence, the lack of motivation to drive for my weekend activities. This week, I am spending some quality time with myself which is much needed. But overall, I need to figure out how to make female friends without seeming like a creepy lesbian (since I would only really meet females to go out with when I go out- which I would be doing alone)... The complicatedness of makin friends in a new city.

Sex: Gonna be a problem pretty soon here. But for now... I'm still in tact.

Love: I got nothin on the horizon... but I got the love of my parents and fam so I feel blessed.

Drama: Ch.ris Br.own and R.ihanna... that's all I've got to say about drama.

Alright, I'm gonna go be productive. Have a lovely Saturday!


Ms. Mani Mac said...

I worry about that too: trying to make friends with other women without appearing like a lesbian! I wonder, how do men do this without appearing to be gay? I wish it were as simple as elementary school when you would just walk up to someone, asked if they wanted to be your friend, and then moved on in life.

dejanae said...

look who made a comeback
(not that i should b saying shit)
good to see

lol@the not coming off as a lesbian

jameil1922 said...

stay away from the horn dogs. it's so next to impossible to make friends as a woman after college. join an organization or a book club. maybe your neighbors don't like black people...

Adei von K said...

you say you're here in SoFla? We have to meet up!

(vixenchick) said...

where are you?



James Tubman said...

dont stop writing des

you are so good at it