Thursday, December 25, 2008

Graduation and more

Can you guess which one I am? Those were just some of the girls I graduated with from the speech program. From left to right, Danielle, Nicole, Adair, ummmmm, Christina and me. I took a quick pic with Jackie after the ceremony (her dad is a photo marksman-lol). Overall, the ceremony was too long and too boring except for the moment that they gave a woman who had been murdered the masters degree she had worked so hard for but didn't live to receive (presented to her husband). Truthfully, I think the bachelors is the only 'ceremony' that is worth going to (unless your family insists). What is so funny is that I remember eyeballing the master's hoods when I was in undergrad and wanted to rock one- but as a masters, I was eagle eyein the doctoral robes and am ready to be in those shoes... eventually. For now, I'm just glad it's over cause I'm a bit tired of being the procrastinating responsible graduate student.
Right now, I'm laying on this futon with my parents downstairs and my brudder and sis in law in sandiago,cali (5am wake up call for me- aint it grand bein a chauffeur) and I am just reveling. I don't know if I will ever again in my life have time (and I mean TIME) to just sit around and be lazy, but the time between graduation and when my license comes in is and forever will be the most carefree time of my life. I'm (unfortunately) tied up traveling down south and shopping for apartment stuff; but I'm officially taking a break from that for the next week or so. I'm going to just enjoy doing NOTHING...
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coming up for Air

I only have a moment before I crash.

I've been shopping, and traveling, and contracting, and so many other things...

And tomorrow is back to MY NEW APARTMENT! to take measurements for everything. Then I have to be at graduation at 7:30AM! on Tues- shoot me in the face...

Then I have a date on Wednesday with a super cute Blockbuster guy that hooks me up with free DVDs! And possible dinner with friends I've collected through my graduate career for festivities and farewells...

I'm exhausted.

Night night

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Done and Done!

I submitted my final clinical hours and met with the graduate counselor for review of my grades today.

and...It's official.

I can now sign my name with M.A. CF-SLP after it from now on....

On to the formalities.

Graduation day: December 16, 2008 at 9:00am


Monday, December 8, 2008

A Sunday Morning to Remember

My sister in law is officially gangster.

Here's the story:
My brother went out of town to visit some friends in Miami and my sis in law (sil) decided to stay home. Well, towards the end of my brother's little vakay, he decided that instead of returning home in the daylight, he would return home in the middle of the night (cause he knew she would be there alone). Soooo, he hopped in his car at 2:00ish am and started the road to home. Meanwhile, sil is sleeping soundly at home. As my brother gets close to the house (at around 5:30am), he calls her to let her know that he has arrived early. Amazingly, she is so sound asleep that she does not hear her cellular phone. He opens the garage, enters the house- which sets off the alarm. This immediately wakes up sil and she flies to the house phone and calls the police, informing them that someone has broken in. My brother turns off the alarm, but just as that occurs, sil opens the window setting off the alarm once again. He tries to reset it again; meanwhile his wife is still on the phone with the police crawling out onto the roof of the garage. She thinks for one moment assessing the situation, and then jumps the 7.5 to 8 feet to the ground below (feet landing in mulch, hands and face landing on sidewalk). She begins screaming at the top of her lungs, running at top speed to the neighbors unaware of her broken wrist, badly damaged elbow, and bloody nose (not broken thankfully). My brother, hearing the screams, rushes out of the house to let his fully distressed wife know that it is just him. Interestingly, the neighbors never come out, but sil hears my brother and immediately feels like an idiot. He panics at the sight of her bloodied face and hands and awkwardly positioned arm. He rushes her inside to clean her up as the police arrive to investigate what exactly happened. Following all this amazingness, my brother joins my sil in her feelings of idiocy due to her inquisition into why he did not call the house phone....

All and all, they both felt a little upset about the whole thing. I on the other hand laughed a bit thinking 'She did WHAT?!'. But in retrospect, if it had been an intruder, she did the very best thing.

All I know is that my sis in law is officially gangster.

So I got a little irritated with the job offer from Palm Beach. She wanted to know every little detail of the offer in Melbourne in efforts to match what they were presenting. The thing is, if I wanted the offer in Melbourne so badly, I WOULD HAVE TAKEN IT. She adjusted some of the elements to her original offer to match theirs... which I didn't entirely mind when it came to salary (there was a $13,000 salary difference), but for other aspects I was a bit let down. Because she's a newly formed company, she didn't have PTO... but she offered time and a half after 35 hours of work. I felt that kinda balanced things out a bit (because the other company was time and a half after 40 hours). She stated that we could negotiate PTO as soon as she had the details of how they did their PTO. She doesn't have a 401K, life insurance, or disability; but she is a growing company and offered me opportunities to develop my skills in multiple settings as well as growth within her company (for promotions and such). She stated she covered health and dental 100% (no cost on my part); but she still wanted to know the percentage they were pulling from my checks to match that (I guess cause of the salary difference- who knows). I am unsure of whether or not I should have informed her of their salary and relocation number- but because there was such a difference I put it out there to see what she would say. She became OBSESSED with knowing how they were doing it, wanting the written contract so that she could review it with a fine tooth comb. I told her I could not, and would not provide her the minute details... I just gave her the overview (which was listed on their website) and told her that truthfully, I hoped that she didn't attempt to try to offer the same as this nationwide company that had far more resources that she (because she would fail- which I did not say). I did say that I wanted her to offer me the best that SHE could offer me and let me compare the differences and what worked best for me. Truthfully, if they are both the same, she will not win and I wanted to tell her that, but I didn't. The perks she offered me BEFORE she became so consumed with knowing how they paid me so much in salary appealed to me just as much as the salary did for the larger company. *sigh*. She is getting back to me today with her formal offer. Hopefully she brings back some of those old perks and keeps true to what she can do rather than trying to match the other company, cause at the end of the day, if their offer was what I wanted, I would have taken it already and no longer entertained her.

PS. Me and the boyfriend had a talk. He admitted to not being himself, trying desperately to make me happy (which makes me miserable) and not staying true to himself. I told he that label really ruined us and it needed some adjusting so that he would stop feeling so pressured to treat me the way he did. He agreed. label, but still working things out to get back there.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Job Offers and a Breakup

I went on my second interview yesterday. I really thought that I was going to accept the position in Melbourne... I mean, it's with a friend who raves about it. It has really good potential and I can see myself being financially cool. But this other job in Palm Beach Gardens (Jupiter) is no joke either. The owner (who was the one interviewing me) REALLY wants me, and she's not pulling any punches about it either. I mean damn- what is a girl to do? The blessings are running over and I'm feeling unworthy... but I will work hard to prove to myself that God didn't make any mistakes by showing me favor the way He has... cause obviously, He doesn't need any All I know is either way, Desy is moving south and all by my

In the last post, I kinda expressed the issues of my relationship toooo...ummmm.... well, not accurately enough. I got a bit of clarification on it... but essentially, my feelings haven't changed. I'm not happy even though he is a wonderful guy.

Ironically, my dad inquired about how my boyfriend felt about me moving, and my mother piped up from the couch to let him know that i was ending the romantic portion of the relationship. I explained it to my dad and he didn't understand... He didn't understand why I'm not elated that I have someone who is willing to bend backwards for me. It can be challenging explaining it, but honestly, it is an issue, cause when I do give examples, and really explain it... the people around me understand and support... so I know I'm not being irrational here.

But I'm digressing... my dad then asked me about how he was with his family and his finances... that made him readjust his mentality on me sticking through the relationship. My dad goes right to the heart of the surface stuff and makes that part of a priority... I have a tendency of looking at that later, but I knew that as our relationship continued, his family affairs and finances would become something of a concern... but I won't air it here. All I know is that the break up is happening... When it's gonna happen is still up for debate. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't genuinely like the guy and think that he is wonderful. He really is.... he's just not for me.

Monday, December 1, 2008


*huge sigh*

There. I said it.

I know that I'm gonna hear something from those who have read some of my past posts about men and who still actually keep up with my new adapted sporatic blog nature, but I HAVE to write about this.

I cannot do this boyfriend thing any longer.

If I were to look at a check list of things that would make a man great, my boyfriend would clean up. He is absolutely everything a girl could ever ask for. Sweet, considerate, understanding, sensitive, affectionate, employed, fit, and the list goes on. Any girl would be lucky to have a man like him.

But he's too nice for me. The mushy stuff, the 'anything you want', 'how can i make you happy' kinda stuff really is NOT for me. I mean, a girl likes to hear that she's beautiful... but ALL the time?! How am I suppose to feel when I really do make an effort to look beautiful and you call me that... It's just another comment.

And truthfully, I know what a wonderful guy he is. I mean, honestly... He is just the cream of the crop. It's rare to find someone like him.. so genuine, honest, and so willing to please.

But I need something different. I am finally starting to step out of the ideals of what I might want in a relationship, and moving into the things I KNOW I don't.

1 day to go for my internship, 15 days before graduation, and a month or so before beginning some job I'm SUPER excited for my life to finally start beginning... all alone, in an apartment... with no family, no friends.... and just me myself and I....

A damn good first kiss...
I felt the air around my skin shift to give space to my newly developing goose bumps. The shallowing of my breath left me feeling as though I had drowned in an unexplainable pool of anticipation. Dark and murky, my vision was blurred and I couldn't help but claw at myself to make sure I was still here. I allowed myself to become lost in those dark pools of midnight and became further buried in the contours of each magnificent fleck that danced at the sight of me. His first sight of me. Though words had never been exchanged between his lips and my ear, my lips and his ear, our bodies fell in the comfortable dialogue of lustful longing as though it had been rehearsed. I hated the betrayal. He wasn't suppose to know his affect. But the smile that lined his smooth mouth expressed his knowledge of my form and all her messages with a blind certainty. It unnerved and excited me all within the span of my abbreviated inhalation. His scent, so rich and warm, danced along my nostrils into my lungs, engaged in a sensuous tango with arteries and veins, grinding its steps into the rhythm of my heart. As I exhaled, I could taste his dance on my buds and my tongue reveled in the newness of its flavor. He moved himself into me, placing a solitary hand on the small of my back and the other against the bar I rest against.... and before I could protest; his lips introduced mine to the art of contact and with each brush stroke of the tongue, the picture became evident: This was a damn good first kiss....

Fiction by Desy