Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Fodder

I love coming home.
It cleanses me, renews me, and offers me a fresh start.
I've always felt that way about this space.
And it's rejuvenating skills have revived me yet again.
I've been purged.
I hung out with family.
I hung out with friends.
I talked with relatives.
And I ate home cooking from my mama.
I drank (YEH! to Happy Hour) and flirted (my pasttime).
I no longer have that 'situation' I wrote about pounding my brain.
And even better, I got my license- so no more sitting around the house.

I woke up this morning to my father talking to me.
Asking for stuff.
Telling me that we need to talk about a few things.
But he doesn't want to talk now; maybe tomorrow.
I hate shyt like that.
Don't tell me you want to talk, and then push it off.
But he's my papy, so there really isn't any room to push that.
I just have to not think about it as best as I can.

I had a great night last night drinking.
Hanging out with older frat.
It was kinda nice, cause I didn't need to force anything.
I just sat back, mostly observing, and somehow conversation wafted my way.
I haven't had a group of friends like that....ever
It's kind of securing.
Too bad it's in
But honestly, it recharged my batteries.
I also ran into a friend I've had since middle school.
That shyt was bananaz.
To see someone from my youth...smh.
I rarely have those kind of bump ins.
But we had a similar bump in my freshman year of college.
I guess maybe in some alternate universe we were suppose to be friends.
Maybe I'll facebook friend her lol.

It's Saturday morning and I'm lying in bed.
Why was it so cold last night.
I thought I left that kinda weather in DC.
I mean honestly; this is not right.
I don't want to move...

I can't believe I am starting work next week.
I realize that I miss being a therapist.
But even more, I miss earning money.
This broke shyt is NOT fun.
I know it's weird to say; and I'm sure I'll wish for these days back when I'm swamped beyond measure- but I am REALLY ready to go to work.

Happy PreSuperBowl Saturday!


Hadassah said...

Good luck on your new job!

Jinta said...

how's the new job?